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"If I'm going to play like somebody else, then I don't need to play at all"

You might have watched her on prime time on Belgian national TV, playing the piano upside down or mermaiding in a fish pond with her Celtic harp... Marianne is definitely not your average musician! Although classically trained at the French Conservatoire, this Belgium-based Canadian-French artist plays music with a unique twist, "celticizing" famous tunes on the harp or “jazzifying” them on the piano with virtuoso acrobatics, on a mission to popularize traditional acoustic instruments with a broad audience.

​Both an artist and a scientist, Marianne holds a Master of Science degree from the Ecole Centrale des Arts & Manufactures in Paris. Her project “Celticize Me and Jazz Me Up” started as an effort to promote the scientifically-proven benefits of music, from wellbeing to cognitive improvement. She strives to encourage the adoption of music through a variety of initiatives: tailor-made music classes, interactive music performances, live music therapy sessions... Marianne is also a professionally certified lifeguard and offers "Mermaiding with Harp" workshops as a unique way to engage with music.

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